Music is this invisible force that unites us all, no matter who and where you are. Music is a Universal language understood by all. It creates a mixed bag of emotions such as excitement, sadness, strength and more at different times in our lives!

Music also can prompt change, connect us with people & moments and assists with empowering us to live life to the fullest.

Hence why’ Living on the B Side’ wants to highlight all the positive that Music brings and how it can change one person’s life.

Ballad of Youth

I wish in today’s society especially we would tell younger people that taking time out to enjoy exactly where they are in life is where they need to be, to savour the moments, dive into it deep and live passionately.

A Good Heart is Hard to Find

On days where I feel a bit down and over this world, I remember that there are plenty of amazing people out there, just waiting to reach out and help, support and make me feel valued and help us on our journey.

Find Your Piece of Heaven

It’s been 4 days now that we, my hubby and I, had to say good bye to our cat Princess. While being with us she taught us many positive things about life & love.

Want to share your story?

I would love to hear what songs/music genre has impacted you & how!


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