2017 is the year of ‘Get The Funk Out’

by | Jan 15, 2017

‘’You’re all invited to the party

You know you didn’t have to come

No rotten apple gonna spoil my fun

If you don’t like what you see here

Get the funk out’’

No more parties or get togethers with the wrong people or those that just don’t get it. No more pretending that I enjoy something when I honestly don’t. Forget about pleasing everyone, especially those that my ego believes I need to and are important in my life because they ‘might get me somewhere’.

Not more BS. No more ‘I do it because it seems the right thing to do’. Stuff that!!!

This year will be about finding my tribe, the people who love the same funk as me. Those who want to rock to a good guitar riff yet enjoy a good dose of R’n’B and dance along the way. This year will be about discovering my greatness and follow the path I choose so I can live a life I love and along the way help others do the same.

To make 2017 truly MY year, it is time to say goodbye to time wasters/wasting and tell them to get the funk out…..

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