35 Songs Showcasing

the power of music


Everyone has music related stories to share – this can be how one concert has affected you in ways you never imagined that one song that helped you through a tough night or when/how music made all the difference on your life journey. There are so many moments when music impacts us, big and small!


Music connects us to ourselves and others in ways nothing else can

In this eBook I share 35 songs picked by my podcast guests from Season 1 and 2, which highlight the impact music has made in their life. 

And now I hope it inspires you to (re)discover your love of music and songs that can become the soundtrack of your life. 

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Music helped me understand my introverted, more quiet side.

As an introverted music lover who used to hide behind vinyls and CDs as a teenager in her room in Switzerland, to take the leap in 2016 in the land ‘Down Under’ to give her passion a voice in the world, music has been an important part of her personal and professional development.

Music is the red line that has guided her through life; from working as an employee in 3 countries to taking the leap into entrepreneurship in 2014 starting her own Virtual Assistant business, music helped guide and support through it all.

Taking it a step further and realising her dream to be behind a microphone and sharing her love of music with others, Living on the B Side was born.

She now connects and shares her own and other people’s personal stories connected with and through music to showcase the power of it and how it can enrich our lives, one song at a time.