You don’t know me …

by | Oct 25, 2016

”You say that I’m not livin’ right, you don’t even know me, you don’t understand me, so why do you judge my life?’’

Four lines in a song that touch me to this day. And I believe are still very accurate indeed. Armand van Helden’s song ‘You don’t know me’ is a timeless song that not only has a groove you just have to shake your bum to but also lyrics to match.

Why are we so keen on judging others, taking apart their lives into tiny fragments and then decide if what this person says or does ‘right’?

We all try to do what we feel is right for us, struggling at times and breezing through in other chapters of our life.

For me, in 1999 when I discovered this song, it was a time of exploring and finding out what I am capable off without giving a damn what others think of me. To this day I cherish those 12 months. It was a time that opened a floodgate of new and exciting things to the shy and hesitant person I was back then.

We all need moments or phases like these – where we can become the person we truly are meant to be without having anyone tell us it’s right or wrong.

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