Boys of Summer

by | Jul 11, 2018

Summer, sun, fun…memories. Listening to Don Henley’s ‘Boys of Summer’ and other music in the car while driving around with my girlfriends. Freedom, love, happiness…that is what this song makes me feel.

The way this song is written with its drums and guitar then the keyboards…can you feel the summer breeze on your skin? I can not express properly how the music alone makes me feel. And has done for so many years, ever since I saw the video to this song on MTV I was and still am mesmerised.

Then Don Henley’s voice and lyrics on top, what an emotion digging song. His voice expressing what summer is, can be, should be…and will be as well.

It also reminds me of the summers spent flirting and falling in love. Then summer ends and where has this ‘love’ gone?! Bitter sweet yet unforgettable and precious. The time of growing up, learning about love and loss.

Experiences of desire, longing and love…then loss and heartache. Growing up yet not really.

Barefoot in the grass or sand. Sun glasses on, smiling at everyone (ha – indeed that’s what I did and still do!), enjoying life and not worrying about anything.

Questioning life and living it with no regrets. Amazing what one song can make one, well me, feel. Over and over again.

Do you have a summer song like that? Why not leave a comment or even better, send me your post on why this is your favourite song?


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