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‘’You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can’t be so

You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause’ it’s all so close

When you stand up and hold out your hand

In the face of what I don’t understand’’

My reason to be brave…………

I am a massive Josh Groban fan.  As soon as I put on his (then) new album “All That Echoes”, the staccato effect of the violins in the intro made me sit up in anticipation.

‘’Wake up, wake up, the sun cannot wait for long

Reach out, reach out before it fades away

You will find the warmth when you surrender

Smile into the fear and let it play……….’’

I used a technique taught to my son when he was anxious – to think of a favourite song in your head, or “see” the music video clip when you are under stress or some situation when you HAVE to cope.  You just HAVE to get on with it and get through it.  We initially named it the “internal iPod” and it became the “B-Pod – he would listen to Queen or something loud in his mind to get through the next five minutes of whatever was stressing him.   It was a good technique!

The album as a whole uplifts my mood when I am down and I always feel happier by the end of it.   Why does this song appeal so much?

So – during a dental appointment – I thought OMG I just have to get through the next 10 minutes and then another 10 minutes and then another 10 minutes.  I “made” my own A-Pod and played this song.  Brave.  How to be Brave.  How to stay Brave.  And when it finished, I started it again, or another song from this album.  And I got through it.

Then we visited New Zealand and stopped near Haast to see the Blue Pools.  Only problem was you had to walk over the suspension bridge.  If you know me well, you know that I have a difficulty with heights.  And walking over bridges.  But I really wanted to experience the beauty of this special place, and I wanted to show my son that it’s okay to face your fears.  Halfway over the bridge looking straight ahead I lost my nerve completely.  I was teary and thought well, I am halfway I either go ahead and miss out on it or I just keep going.  So I put on my ‘’A-Pod’’ and played “Brave” and kept going, very slowly and I got there.  Once we got there we were amazed at all the rocks, it was such a serene place.  We skimmed rocks and I joked with my kids that I would invent “rock therapy” because it helped with the stress.

And yes, I had to get back over the bridge.  Again, I listened to “Brave” with my heart telling my head that I would be brave and I would be ok and I came back over the bridge.  One step at a time (and with my eyes shut the whole way … but I did it!!!!!!).



Office co-ordinator, Naturopath & massage therapist. Loves the power of herbs and their healing properties, the soothing tranquility of the sea and being inspired by music that touches the soul.

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