Broken Wings

by | Oct 21, 2020

“Take these broken wings
And learn to fly again
And learn to live so free”

These three lines have stuck in my mind ever since I remember hearing this song.

Whilst the overall song is aimed at love and relationship, I have always felt that there is more to these lyrics than meets the ear.

We all have our wings broken at some point or another in life. We got disappointed, hurt, rejected and every hurtful emotion under sun!
Yet, we are reminded with these three lines that we can pick ourselves up again, heal those wounds and live life again.

When we are down and out, for whatever reason, we can ‘patch ourselves up again’ and learn to love our past, our experiences and use what we have learned to create a live we feel free.

I have had my heart broken, lost friendships I thought would last forever, family troubles, taking chances that don’t exactly pan out, made silly mistakes that could have cost me a lot from a health perspective…and more!

Even to this day I don’t live to my full potential. I am work in progress. My wings are broken yet I intend to fly again. To live a life that is as free as I can make it.

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