Destination Unknown

by | May 24, 2018

Remember the movie ‘Top Gun’? Yep, this song ‘Destination Unknown’ is from that soundtrack, which by the way is one of my all time favourite soundtracks, and currently in the ‘on repeat’ list of songs that I listen to when being creative in my business but also when doing other things.

Why?! I guess the title speaks to me as well as the lyrics. We all have moments in our life where we are not sure where we are going. When we walk a path where we can’t see where it leads us yet, but we take it anyway.

We know that life is short, and experiences are here to be lived and not avoided. Sure, some of them can be annoying, stressful and make me feel down and out. That’s why turning to music and songs like this one really helps me get up and keep moving.

It also serves as a reminder to me that I should enjoy the journey and not be fixed on the destination, it can change in an instant.

With many changes currently happening in my life, this song is like a mini comfort blanket to make me feel safe and warm before walking towards my current ‘destination unknown’.

What do you think of this song and its relevance today, being released in the mid 80s and on a movie soundtrack? Would love to hear from you.

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