Don’t let life pass you by…

by | Sep 5, 2017

“Donʼt you take my dreams away
That youʼll change, change, change
That youʼll change the world but tomorrow, but tomorrow’’

When I first heard this Song by Gotthard a few months back, it kinda stopped me in my tracks. Not only did I love the music and Nic’s voice, but mostly the lyrics hit home. BIG time!!!

It was like my inner ‘me’ was talking to me. Putting a mirror in my face and showing me the BS I was telling myself at that moment in time.

I realised that I was living the ‘‘to change the world but tomorrow, but tomorrow’’ bit – totally. I needed to stop thinking that tomorrow I would do this and that, and start acting TODAY to ensure my tomorrow would be better.

So, I refocused things on ‘today’ – what can I do today to make progress towards my dreams? How can I make myself feel more positive, confident and stronger today so that I am a step closer to change my world to what I intend it to be?

This small shift from tomorrow to today has made a massive impact; I have become more focused overall. I got clearer on the what I needed to do and how it needs to be done and did it – today.

Before I knew it, I made massive progress and my life started to shift for me. I actually reached some goals that I had down as ‘tomorrow’ within a couple of months.

My outlook on life has shifted; I have become happier, more confident and secure knowing that I am changing my world today, not tomorrow.

So, if you have dreams and goals but keep putting them off – don’t! Start the work towards them today, make those changes needed so you won’t end up regretting and forgetting … or as the Gotthard lyrics go:

‘’And so many chances can pass you by
Maybe just a matter of trying
Cause, there ainʼt no mistaking how time goes by’’

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