Dry Country Australia

by | Jan 3, 2020

I wanted to write a post about 2019 and how that year has been for me…yet my heart tells me to write about something else which matters more than my own reflection of the past 12 months.

Australia is burning!

Ever since late last year bush fires are burning across the country. In December it became so bad, plus we had more 40 plus degree (that is 104+ Fahrenheit) days that I can remember having since moving here in 2007. The heat is so dry and burning and some days it is so still with no birds nor humans heard.

You probably all heard, read and seen the images coming from all over the country where out of control bush fires are raging. My heart is aching for animals and humans alike. What a nightmare. What a unimaginable experience this must be for them all.

I say to my hubby a lot that it looks like ‘Resident Evil – Apocalypse’ movie scene  – dry land and burning sun with no sign of life anywhere (and thank god no zombies either!). And then the sky…I honestly have never seen anything like it!

Reflection is part of my daily life and even more so during times like these. And whilst doing so this Bon Jovi song popped into my head.

‘’Down in dry county

They’re swimming in the sand

Praying for some holy water

To wash the sins from off our hands

Here in dry county

The promise has run dry’’


‘’I cursed the sky to open
I begged the clouds for rain
I prayed all night for water
For this burning in my veins
It was like my soul’s on fire
And I had to watch the flames
All my dreams went up in ashes
And my future blew away’’

There is still a lot of work to be done to stop these fires. I truly hope that we as humanity can come together to FINALLY work as a team with Mother Earth to look after each other. And with more respect for not just us humans, but more so nature and the other inhabitants of this planet we call home.

For now, let’s support those that need our help the most. Below are some links you can do just that (there are more for sure, if you have any please email me so I can update the list):

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