Hi I’m Jo Kathleen Marie, Positive Psychology Coach, Artist, Music Teacher, and Director of Programs at Create Your Life Academy.

Richie Sambora is in my eyes very underestimated when it comes to his solo albums. His talent for song writing is amazing and his voice is one that you recognise immediately.

This song especially gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it – now and back when I was a teenager, trying to figure out my life, who I was and becoming..you know…teenager going into adulthood kind of stuff.



Young hearts
Better hold on
Beyond the innocence
Your youth is gone
Look in your mirror
It’ll tell you the truth
Don’t waste your time away
Live today
There’s no time to lose
Cause when tomorrow comes
It’s all just yesterday’s news

I remember well when at times becoming an adult seemed overwhelming and confusing, putting this song on was like an someone gets it. Like he was singing about my struggle about the process of becoming ‘an adult’ (what does that mean anyway?!). The times when I looked in the mirror and talked to myself, sometimes in anger and sometimes because I was happy.

One thing I always loved about this song is not just his amazing voice and sound, but also that he says it’s okay to live, just live and enjoy. Not everything is about ‘doing this and doing that’ or planning out my life like a maniac but live in the moment, enjoy going out, enjoy being around people, travel or stay home. Do whatever makes you happy. JUST ENJOY LIFE!

I wish in today’s society especially we would tell younger people that taking time out to enjoy exactly where they are in life is where they need to be, to savour the moments, dive into it deep and live passionately.

As Richie sings…

Live today
There’s no time to lose
Cause when tomorrow comes
It’s all just yesterday’s news

Living in the moment is more precious than ever, so please do me a big favour and start taking time out to really enjoy your life. And maybe even put this record on while you do what really fills your cup up and brings you joy….