Find Your Piece of Heaven

by | Oct 30, 2017

It’s been 4 days now that we, my hubby and I, had to say good bye to our cat Princess.  She and her brother Richo are part of our family, we don’t see them as ‘just pets’ but individual souls that make our life better, enrich it.

So to see Princess unwell a week ago was unsettling, the vet visit nerve wracking and leaving her over night at the vet gave us hope. Hope that the treatment she receives is helping her feel better. Hope that once she is home, we will see her character shine through again and let her lead a painless life.

Sadly, the cat we picked up was nothing of that. It felt like most part of her had left her body already, she felt broken.

A sleepless night, watching her wander and trying to ease her discomfort somehow left us exhausted and worried. ‘’We’ll see how she gets on during the day’’ we said. ‘’We’ll give her a chance to fight’’ we re-assured ourselves.

And fight she did. Hard. But it left her even more exhausted and eventually her body had enough, gave up. Her spirit broke and it was time…time to accept she did all she could to try to fight her fight.

She said her goodbyes to us and then settled down to await the end. All we could do was assist her with her transition and let her go…up to heaven, to the place where pain and fighting no longer existed.

So here I am, four days later, grieving and sharing many tears.

However, I know that the lessons she taught us are only positive:

  • Show the love you have for someone, human or pet, regularly and generously
  • Never be afraid to be quirky or yourself – people around will love you for it, don’t hide yourself away from the world
  • Don’t give up and fight for what you love & believe in (but don’t harm anyone in the process – mentally nor physically!)
  • Love comes in many different shapes and forms

I hope you found your piece of heaven dear Princess, found your way back home.

Thank you for your unconditional love …until we meet again.

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