Follow the Sun…

by | Jan 28, 2017

This is the one song I always turn too when I need that little pick me up, a little re-centering and reminding of what’s important in this world.

It’s also the song I got married too. It represented completely what life meant to me at that moment in time. The previous five years had been one of mental and emotional destruction as our family business collapsed as a result of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it.

We had to file for bankruptcy and not only did we lose our business, we lost our cars, our home, pretty much everything except our personal belongings. It was devastating. We struggled to get jobs because companies were cutting back, not expanding. We had to rely on charity at times to provide us food to eat. Living in the country we were unable to always take our daughter to school. We just didn’t have the fuel. And we worried about becoming homeless as the bank sold our home from under us.

What saved me from complete mental and emotional destruction was a choice I made that this experience was going to matter. It was going to mean something. To create something bigger, better and a whole lot more fulfilling. During my deepest darkest days, I held onto the belief that we were moving to something more.

During this completely soul-destroying time, a friend put me onto Xavier Rudd and I discovered ‘Follow the Sun’. Not only was the music toe tapping and beautiful the lyrics reminded me of what’s possible in life no matter what had happened. Tomorrow is always a new day for everyone. It lifted my soul up out of the dark endless pit that it had sunk too.

So after 13 years my partner and I decided to get married. If we could survive the hell of financial loss and destruction and come out with our love and relationship stronger than ever we knew that we could survive anything as long as we are together.

I chose this song to be married too. It represented exactly who we are and where we were in life. To cherish each and every moment of every day and that no matter what, tomorrow is a new day. That choice is in your hands. To dream carefully and listen to your heart. Always.
Kim xx

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