Free Fallin’…

by | May 8, 2017

(Heads up before reading this one: I am not pretending to be a super knowledgeable Supernatural fan, I have missed some seasons and still playing catch up PLUS I don’t really know much about their personal lives either)

On Sunday I was taking my inner geek out to attend the ‘All Hell Breaks Loose 8’ Supernatural Event here in Melbourne.

I love attending these cons not just for the obvious reasons of taking photos (and getting autographs) with the actors from the show, but also for the hidden gems that come in forms of the panels.
You wouldn’t believe how much positive, inspirational and motivational things I have taken away from sitting, listening and taking in what these actors have said.

And I wasn’t disappointed on that Sunday. Obviously Jared & Jensen’s panel was the one I anticipated the most. And boy were we in for a treat! Who would have thought that we would see Jared play the guitar while Jensen sang, surrounded and supported by most of Loudan Swain and Rich!!

That moment felt so special, so intimate, I had goosebumps all over me (while singing along)! Little did I know (and hence the ‘heads up’ at the intro) that apparently Jared has up to that point NEVER played the guitar in public. Wow.

Isn’t that a compliment to his friends/cast and fans here in Australia that Jared felt comfortable enough to do this? I definitely think so.

It also shows that if one feels comfortable enough, happy and secure in their surroundings and friends that you can push past anxiety, fear and uncertainty to do things one has thought about yet never done?!

This moment will forever be edged in my brain, the goosebumps appearing every time I hear this song and a reminder that we all have it in us to tackle ‘stuff’ we wanted to do for a long time yet never felt ready (for whatever reason).

Thank you Jared, Jensen and rest of the Supernatural family for that special moment. I feel blessed to have been there, watched and listened you playing this song.

(Original video by Tom Petty can be found here: )

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