A Good Heart is Hard to Find

by | Nov 2, 2017

A good heart is truly hard to find days. Not just in a romantic kind of way but also on a human to human basis as well.

This is why I am super excited and grateful that there is one person who, over the last six months especially, has shown me that having just that is something to cherish and be grateful for.

What amazes me, even more, is that this person is very successful, busy and doing heaps of things yet remembers what it means to care and serve others.

This person has shown me so much support and goodness, I am feeling a little overwhelmed (even a little uncomfortable at times) but obviously very grateful. This person doesn’t have to do what he has done for me, on several occasions.

Without me asking, this person has extended their support to me and shown that he cares more than I thought – Care about myself, my well being and progress. Wanting me to realise my potential and helping me get out of my shell and find that ‘true me’ that I knew was there yet didn’t know how to find it.

That ongoing thoughtfulness and support is given to me because there is a massive good heart inside that person and the desire to support people’s journey to happiness and fulfilment.

This is truly something that I will pay forward if and when I can because a good heart to me means:

  • Caring about others & showing it
  • Helping where it is possible
  • Give freely without being asked
  • Seeing the benefits of even a small act of kindness
  • Showing love can make a difference in someone’s day

So, on days where I feel a bit down and over this world, I remember that there are plenty of amazing people out there, just waiting to reach out and help, support and make me feel valued and help me on my journey.

Do you have an experience where ‘a good heart wasn’t so hard to find’? How did it change you and your life? Did you pay it forward? I would love to know, please leave a comment

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