Heaven is in the rain at a Bryan Adams concert

by | Mar 27, 2019

One of the fondest memories of all the Bryan Adam’s concert’s I’ve been to is this song – Heaven!

I believe it was back in the 90’s, at an open-air concert in Basel/Switzerland. I was there with my mum (she was my concert buddy back then), two backpacks of food and drink and surrounded by like-minded fans who didn’t care if it was shine or rain. And rain it was! We put our ponchos on and danced the evening away to Bryan’s songs and then this one came on! Apart from a few others, this one gets me every time.

And I guess as a 20+ year old, this song captures what most dream of: Finding someone that makes you feel like in heaven, loved and wanted and just gives you the fuzzies.

That night I sang my heart out to this song. Maybe even had a tear or two running down my face because of the emotions this song brought up in me.

And then having Bryan Adams there in this stadium, having as much of a good time as we had, perfect moment I say! Made even better when he shouted out ‘Switzerland you are all I want!’ Goosebumps all-round!!!!!

Bryan is part of my ‘younger me’ life soundtrack, capturing so many important moments in songs for which I am so super grateful for.
And ‘Heaven’ is like an anthem song to me in some ways….it captures not only the journey of finding love but also friendship and where we belong in life.

If you haven’t yet listened to it, please do so and let me know how makes you feel.

Much love, as always

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