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Behind every favourite song, there is an untold story.

A Good Heart is Hard to Find

On days where I feel a bit down and over this world, I remember that there are plenty of amazing people out there, just waiting to reach out and help, support and make me feel valued and help us on our journey.

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Find Your Piece of Heaven

It’s been 4 days now that we, my hubby and I, had to say good bye to our cat Princess. While being with us she taught us many positive things about life & love.

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This woman entered my life as a little girl and I became “Obsessed”. The one and only Mariah Carey. One thing we have in common is that we are both writers.

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Are You Moving Too Fast?

Recently I learned that hard way that rushing some or many things isn’t the way to go. It can actually cause more issues than it’s worth and cause a feeling of embarrassment and self-doubt.

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Hold On One More Day

I want you to hold on for one more day and know that you can break free from those chains of whatever it is you are suffering from…even if it’s only for a short while

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Free Fallin’…

On Sunday I was taking my inner geek out to attend the ‘All Hell Breaks Loose 8’ Supernatural Event here in Melbourne. It was a day with a special moment that I won’t forget.

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