My homage to the best boyband there is – New Kids on the Block!

by | Oct 20, 2017

I could not write another post without writing about Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan and Joe. Hey, please wait and hear me out before you go ‘oh, just another boyband crazy woman. Go away!’

Since I was 12 years old, these guys have been with me through thick and thin – not literally, but their music has been a companion since then. Every up and down in my life has in some shape or form been captured in one of their songs. From my first teenage crush (if you count Donnie out of that one – haha), dealing with my first relationship break up (thanks Jordan for your first solo record!) and be my go-to music when I felt overwhelmed with life in general. There is always a song that can make me smile or just lets me cry it out and feel better.

On so many occasions their voices to reminded me that I am ‘Hangin’ Tough’, being ‘Loved forever’ or how the song ‘Games’ is all about doing your thing, keep positive and not give up.

And then the moment when in 2012 when I was able to see them live again after about 20 years. Hearing all the songs live again that healed me, encourage and motivated me. And then the emotions and just the overall happiness of those moments are hard to put into words.

And I FINALLY met my teenage boyband crush, Donnie Wahlberg! It has left such a lasting impression on me, that hug and positivity is something I feel to this day. Not often do these moments happen and I am grateful I was able to experience it.

No wonder the hashtag #BHLove is something only Blockheads understand and live by. And although I might not be as big of a ‘fangirl’ these days compared to the past, I still hold these five guys very close to my heart.

The relationship with them to the outside world might seem crazy, weird and like we are stuck back in time…but how many can say that they have one band in their life that has been with them for as long as these guys have been in mine?


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