Heaven is in the rain at a Bryan Adams concert

‘Heaven’ is like an anthem song to me in some ways….it captures not only the journey of finding love but also friendship and where we belong in life.

Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer means sun, fun…memories. Listening to music in the car while driving around with my girlfriends. Freedom, love, happiness…

Let’s dance the night away

Oh my, this song really gets me moving! This is one of THE club songs from my younger years!

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Here I go again…

Here I go again…

You know those days you just feel all alone?! I had one of those days this week. And while it wasn’t epic, it was necessary. Let me tell you why…

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Ballad of Youth

Ballad of Youth

I wish in today’s society especially we would tell younger people that taking time out to enjoy exactly where they are in life is where they need to be, to savour the moments, dive into it deep and live passionately.

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I love music and the positive impact it has in my life. My hope is that my website inspires you to integrate music in your life, let it lift you up & carry you through life. 

Birgit x

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