Epi 69 – K-pop Band BTS: Aussie Army’s perspective on loving yourself

We hear it a lot these days that ‘loving yourself’ is the first step to a happy and fulfilling life. Putting that into action and practise can be hard though. This is where inspiration and support can truly make a difference.

Enter BTS (with a super funky, sharp and colourful choreo & vocals)!

Epi 68 – Moving through a dark time and emotional numbness

Emotional numbness can strike anyone in their life. Especially when we navigate tricky and hard times, which take a lot out of us.
In this episode I am trying to share my personal thoughts around the first few months of 2023, how I shut down emotionally because life was too overwhelming for me.

Epi 66 & 67- You are Able to do anything your Heart desires, with Able Heart

‘Whisper’, ‘Worth it’ and ‘Love Yourself’ – songs that show up on my Instagram stories so much these days. These songs have been created by the one and only Able Heart!

I couldn’t resist to invite him to my show to find out more about him, his journey and what makes him tick to create the music he does as well as how he views life, the lessons he has learned so far and what he hopes to inspire in others that listen to his music.

Epi 65 – The Importance of being busy being free

Relationship breakdowns are never easy, fun nor something we want’ to experience – love, family or else!

In today’s episode, Eileen shares her own experience dealing with exactly such a situation, but she had the support of one song that helped her realise it was not the end.