An Interview With

Eileen March

SEASON 3 | EPISODE 65 | 3 JULY 2023

The importance of being busy being free

Relationship breakdowns are never easy, fun nor something we want’ to experience – love, family or else!

In today’s episode, Eileen shares her own experience dealing with exactly such a situation, but she had the support of one song that helped her realise it was not the end. It was actually the beginning of more self-exploration and new way of living. Of course, it wasn’t a simple and quick process, but she made it and today wants others to know they can do it, too!

Talking to Eileen, energy coach, healer, cyclical living guide, and witch, is a soft, velvety and calming experience. Many will be surprised to hear that, because when they hear the term ‘witch’, well, they associate it with negativity, evil and harshness. We set the record straight on that, too!

Join us for this wonderful chat and let us know what your biggest takeaway is!


Eileen March

Eileen is an energy coach, healer, cyclical living guide, and witch. After leaving a career in midwifery that left her burnt out and depleted, Eileen has dedicated herself to supporting her clients in finding the courage to rest and prioritize their own needs without feeling guilty about it so that they can feel more in control of their lives. She does this with a blend of coaching, energy healing, and helping women reconnect with the cyclical wisdom of their bodies and the earth.

She works with women in her signature 12-week 1:1 mentorship program, Rekindled. In addition, Eileen hosts women’s circles both online and in-person honouring the Wheel of the Year Celebrations.

Interested to find out if and what type of witch you are? Take Eileen’s Which Witch Are You? quiz to see find out. 



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  • The song that helped you get through the breakdown of a relationship [2:31]
  • Biggest takeaway from going through this process and having this song to listen to [4:52]
  • How music can speak to things that we haven’t been able to define for ourselves [11:27]
  • How did she change the way she shows up in the world or don’t show up in the world after this process? [12:37]
  • We talk about ‘witches’ and how we feel the way we look at them needs to change [14:31]
  • If music/sound is important to witches [16:55]
  • Music and the importance for movements/events [18:13]
  • Power of music connect with each other [20:32]
  • Song that could describe best your current stage in life and your business [23:31]
  • Final last words why you should incorporate more music in your life [27:46]

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