What page in Your Book of Life will You write today?

by | Apr 15, 2017

‘’Reaching for something in the distance

So close you can almost taste it

Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin

No one else can feel it for you

Only you can let it in’’

Every day we all write another page in the current chapter of our lives. We might not write it down as such, but your life story unfolds every day and you have to choose how this page will be written.

Sadly, many of us walk through life like a Zombie on the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ and never fully understand how important the ‘here and now’ is.

Until recently I was one of them. Days would turn into weeks, then months and even years. I used to have a diary and wrote down what happened each day, what I went through, how heartbroken I was when my love for a boy wasn’t returned, my working days, holidays and the likes. It made me feel good and more ‘in my life’.

Then I lost this habit…for a very long time. Until about one and a half years ago, when I met some amazing people who wrote in journals about their habits, desires, what they are grateful for and the rest. It inspired me to start writing again.

This time though it was a little different. Instead of the ‘this is how my day was’ I started to try to understand myself better. I learnt that by asking questions one can go deep and untie knots and expand their minds.

Add a few things that you are grateful for at the beginning of each day and after a short time this way of using a journal has a massive impact on yourself.

I admit that I am still at the beginning of my journal journey but I love it! I get inspired by those who really dig it and can throw some amazing questions in the mix, that get me thinking and writing.

What a journey!

In case you are wanting to start the journal journey, here are a few questions to get you going:

  • How do you feel right now and why?
  • What you are going through?
  • Why does it make you feel the way it does?
  • What inspires you and what doesn’t?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What is your passion?
  • What would you like to achieve in your life?
  • Why don’t you like sprouts but love spinach?

Nothing is wrong as long as you start to write. Or as Natasha Bedingfield sings:

‘’No one else, no one else

Can speak the words on your lips

Drench yourself in words unspoken

Live your life with arms wide open

Today is where your book begins’’

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