When Part of Your Teenage Years Dies

by | Dec 1, 2016

”One life one soul
Forever I know
Follow me follow me
Wherever I go
One life one soul
Just waiting to flow
Follow me follow me
Don’t let me go…”

Steve Lee. Voice of Swiss rock band Gotthard. Big part of my late teenage years. Oh, those memories that relate to Gotthard and their music. Good times shared with my dear friend Carlotta, having a ball being young and adventurous.

And these guys provided some of the best soundtrack to those times. Leather jackets, long hair, jeans, boots and many evenings spent in the old town of Zurich at the (no longer existing) Hard Rock Cafe or out and about at (mainly rock) concerts, including theirs.

Gotthard, and especially Steve Lee, to me means freedom, choices, love and rock’n’roll at its best! His voice sending shivers down my spine during ballads and getting my ‘head banging’ on during the rock songs.

Sadly, Steve got ripped out of (t)his life on the 5th October 2010. Funny enough, I was in Switzerland visiting my mum when the tragic news came through. In an instant my life felt different, probably because part of my teenage years died with him in some way and made those moments spent with their music even more precious and special.

To me it proves that music makes memories so strong, the stand the test of time and you can feel that emotion in an instant and again & again.

I still shed a tear or two when I listen to their music and this song is one of my all time favourites.

RIP Steve. Thank you for making my teenage years that extra special.

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