Wind of Change

by | Mar 16, 2018

Take me to the magic of the moment

On a glory night

Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)

In the wind of change

‘Wind of Change’ to me represents the fall of the Berlin Wall and hence the demise of the Soviet Communist regime. I remember sitting on the couch with my dad, watching the news and as a 12 year old taking in the news footage of this wall coming down, being hacked away by both East and West ‘Berliners’. The joy, tears, celebration and overall feel of massive change was in the air, and even I, this 12 year old girl sitting on a couch in my living room in Zurich/Switzerland, could feel it was special and unique.

While I might not have understood completely what the fall of this ugly wall meant, I did see people hugging and embracing each other. Tears of joy falling down their faces and tension leaving their bodies.

‘Wind of change’ definitely is THE anthem for this period, even though it was released after the actual event. To this day I think of this particular song whenever something happens in the world that means ‘change on a big scale’.

But of late I also associate this song on a more personal level. Over the last 3-4 months especially ‘wind of change’ has been blowing in my personal life. Change that I tried to ignore or downplay. Some change I dealt with pretty quickly and on a smooth level.

Yet there is a certain change that I can feel is coming my way, which will put me in situations where I need to face my fears and do it anyway. Moments where I probably will shake like a leave, sweat and have a dry mouth, but will find a way to stand tall and talk confidently and with passion.

Ideas and ‘aha’ moments have been hitting me hard, so now is time to make that ‘wind of change’ and run with it, create something that I dreamed of since I was a teenager.

I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you, so watch out for future posts about it all….

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