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Behind every favourite song, there is an untold story.

I was here… and so was Beyoncé

I can’t tell you the first time that I heard ‘I was here’ by Beyoncé, but I can tell you that song will never leave my bones.
I can’t tell you when I made the decision to change the world, but I can tell you that I know it to be true.

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This woman entered my life as a little girl and I became “Obsessed”. The one and only Mariah Carey. One thing we have in common is that we are both writers.

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You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can’t be so. You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause’ it’s all so close.

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Follow the Sun…

This is the one song I always turn too when I need that little pick me up, a little re-centering and reminding of what’s important in this world.

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I Will Live My Life

Often we find ourselves looking for something. We yearn for a sense of family and community and having a place to belong.

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