How to start jotting down your photo & song stories to create YOUR legacy

When I asked Katie to join me on my Podcast, I knew she would be able to share some solid and sound golden nuggets about story telling and capturing memories – both from photos and songs!

Her family and community approach to preserving special memories shines through the whole interview and I am sure she will inspire you to start thinking about capturing your own special memories, both photos and songs, too!

During out time together we chatted about:

  • More about Katie in her own words, her backstory
  • How to use music or songs to write our own legacy stories and or memories
  • Why we can use photo or music storytelling for processing and release of emotions
  • Why she feels the best (memory) stories happen on the couch
  • The broader impact story capturing and telling can have on our communities
  • Song that describes her business and or life right now


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Katie Chambers is a memory keeping writing coach who specializes in helping sentimental Moms and Grammas capture personal & family moments that matter…resulting in energized, more deeply connected families for generations.

With her unique approach to Family PhotoStory Organizing, she teaches a step-by-step mini-story writing system so her clients set family memories free, jot down MORE of the STORY than photos are capturing, build a collection of moments that matter and leave a fulfilling legacy of memories and family connection, with ease.

Katie is a certified teacher of curriculum based on the Turning Memories into Memoirs program and PhotoScribe method of the Memoir Lifestory Network. She has been facilitating JOTTINGS for Generations workshops and mini-retreats for over 10 years as well as leading on-line group programs and mentoring private mini-story writing clients. Katie lives in Kentucky with her husband, within thirty minutes of their children and eight grandchildren. She loves storystrolling in the woods, journaling with God, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.


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