Find Clarity, Embrace Emotions, and Elevate Your Well-Being Through Music

Hey there, fellow music lover!

I am excited you found me and warmly welcome you to Living on the B Side.

I believe you are here because you are a more quiet, possibly introverted solopreneur or small business owner who feels a little overwhelmed at times with life and you are looking to find a unique way to regain clarity (about yourself) and feel better overall or you’re currently turning your dream into a business and need that extra something/support to get you moving again.

If you have nodded in agreement whilst reading these lines, then you have come to the right place!

My Music Momentum Session is a 60 minute journey designed for you, using the transformative power of music to help you (re)connect with yourself through self-reflection and understand your emotions.

Have tried other ways to work on yourself, to ‘fix’ what is going on by using many techniques that the personal development world offers, but have trouble forming a connection with those and yourself?

Maybe it is time to turn to Music to support you. To show you slightly different ways to start to feel better again, to make sense of your emotions and the world you experience.

Music is a powerful tool when it comes to exploring our emotions. It is neutral, non-judgmental and always there to provide you with guidance, comfort and support. All you need is to learn how to connect with Music and form a deep relationship. This in turn will then lead you to a place where you know yourself deeper, learn to tune in more into yourself and the world around you, which means your overall wellbeing will improve, too!

Hence, why I would love to welcome you to my ‘Music Momentum Session’, because this can be the start you need to do this.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”

– Bono

I created my Music Momentum session with the aim to help you kickstart your journey back to get to know yourself, your emotions and move towards a better wellbeing overall.

Do you feel you are at any of those six stages right now?

  1. Overwhelmed, or
  2. Overloaded on your emotions
  3. Might struggle with self-reflection, that can lead to
  4. Feeling disconnected, and hence
  5. Start to lose clarity and focus, which can lead to
  6. Feel stressed and burnout 
I wholeheartedly believe by integrating Music into our self-care and self-reflection routine, we can start to find ourselves again, acknowledge and process our emotions and from there take better care of ourselves. 

Imagine spending one hour in a space where you can unwind, let go and tune into yourself.

A space where you can use Music to guide you to a place of more calmness and clarity. I have created this session to help you explore how Music can be your personal tool for self-reflection and emotional clarity.

My aim is to help you kickstart your personal journey with Music that enables you to explore your emotions and find the tools to do so.

Why Choose the Music Momentum Session?

  • Intimate & Personalized: This isn’t a one-size-fits-all session. It’s all about you and your unique journey.
  • Quiet & Introvert-Friendly: Designed with introverts in mind, it’s a quiet, reflective, and deeply personal experience.
  • Funky & Fun: We keep things light and engaging, infusing a bit of musical magic into the process.
  • Warm & Supportive: You’ll feel supported every step of the way, with a coach who truly understands and cares.


One off, 1 hour session price:

AUD95.00 (no GST charged)

for a limited time only!

What can you expect during this session?

Welcome & Creating Connection

We will start with a relaxed chat where we get to know each other. You can imagine this as a cozy jam session, but with words.

Initial Assessment: Together, we’ll explore your current challenges and aspirations. I’ll ask a few introspective questions to understand where you are and where you want to be. It’s all about creating a safe space for you to share.

Personalized Music Plan: Based on our conversation, we will put together a personalised music plan for you. Whether helping you create your own playlists for different moods or find already curated ones. Or search for specific tracks to help you reflect, relax, etc. or to find ways to integrate more music in your life – together we will get you on the right track.

Practical Tips & Techniques: I will share some funky yet practical tips on how to use music in your daily life for self-reflection and emotional clarity. From setting the right ambiance to picking the perfect tracks, I will share what I feel will help you the most right now.

Action Steps & Conclusion, including follow up resources: We’ll wrap up with clear action steps, so you know exactly how to integrate music into your life some more. Plus, you’ll receive a follow-up email after our session with a recap and summary of what we discussed and agreed on. 

I will be checking in with you approximately two weeks after our session and am available for you by email or message me with any concerns or questions you have during that time (2 weeks).

Ready to Find Your Self-reflection Rhythm?

Book your Music Momentum Session today and start your journey to self-discovery and well-being through the power of music. Let’s create a playlist for your soul and get you back in tune with yourself.

Here is what other humans have said about their experience during this session.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Music Momentum Session, but it quickly became clear that Birgit’s profound love and connection with music, and its role in the ups and downs of her life, formed the foundation of her amazing coaching style. Her calm and quiet demeanour created a relaxed and safe environment free of judgment. Birgit’s exceptional listening skills and perceptive questions helped identify the barriers and limiting beliefs I needed to address. Her gentle encouragement to try music journaling has been incredibly beneficial. Incorporating music into my daily routine has provided valuable downtime for deeper reflection. If you’re looking for a gentle yet perceptive coach who seamlessly integrates music into daily life for personal growth and reflection, I highly recommend booking a Music Momentum Session with Birgit. You won’t be disappointed!”

~ Tracey W. / Hoot & Wisdom

Let's get Groovy!

Are you new to welcoming guests to your podcast? Or have had several guests on your show already but realise that the managing side of it isn’t as you would like it to be?

Then my ‘Let’s get groovy’ package is what you need!

As a one off package I help you gain clarity of where you currently are with your backend processes, what you would like to have in place, and help you set up the needed software and templates.

Price: AUD550 (one off payment)

Included in this package is:

  • 3 x 1 hour zoom calls: First one at the start so we can together gain an overview of your needs. The second to check in and tweak if and where needed and a final & third call to smooth things out and hand it over to you.
  • Set up of all needed tools and apps from receiving pitch to booking and follow up sequences: Questionnaires, CRM, booking link to email templates, task & project management software (Asana preferred). Whatever you need set up to get the guest management started – I will ensure it is done!
  • During this time, I am also available via Messenger / Slack / Email so we can communicate and keep this party going.

Keep the music Playing!

This package is designed for podcast hosts who are ready to ask for ongoing support looking after their show’s guests to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience for everyone involved.

You realise how you currently run this part of your podcast isn’t working anymore because you are getting busier and want to focus on the interviewing process of your guests without the backend admin that is attached to it.

As I stated in my ‘Let’s get groovy’ package – the foundations need to be there so someone can support you with this.

Minimum commitment is 3 months. This allows us both to settle in and iron out any creases with regards to workflow, etc.

Price: AUD750 per month

Hence this is what the ‘Keep the music playing’ package includes:

  • Monthly 30 minutes to 1 hour zoom call to go over current process and provide feedback for improvement
  • Messenger / Slack channel or Asana project management software for easier communication
  • Answer lead/guest inquiries (email with general information, booking link, questionnaire)
  • Booking of guests (booking link, questionnaire)
  • CRM tracking of guests and or leads
  • Upload to your website and or podcast hosting platform
  • Update processes/system if and where needed