In this episode I welcome Michelle Hessing ‘to the microphone’, who is a quiet business owner of a Branding Design & Printing company based in Newcastle, NSW and specialises in an integrated approach to creating and designing branded material and collateral to bring products and services into the marketplace.

I have invited Nat back to my Podcast so we can go down memory lane about our joint love for the New Kids On the Block.

LET'S CHILL & REFLECT A LITTLE TO MIAMI VICE’S ‘CROCKETT’S THEME’ SONG In today’s episode I am going way back to the mid 1980’s and the hit TV show Miami …

Self-love is talked about so much yet not practiced enough. Over the last couple of weeks I have dived into my own journey of self-love and what I discovered is a bit sad and disappointing but also a great place for me to make changes.