If you welcome guests on your podcast as part of your overall (business) strategy, then you are aware that the booking and managing side of it takes up a lot of your time. Much effort and dedication goes into this part of your podcast; from reaching out or reading through pitches to getting them onboarded and ensuring they are looked after even after their episode has gone live.

Having a solid process in place that supports you, the podcast host, in this area is something you should take seriously.

Delivering a great experience for your guest not only ensures they enjoy their time with you recording but also leaves them feeling positive, excited, and proud to have been part of your journey. And let’s not forget that every guest can carry your message further and might even provide referrals, partly because they felt appreciated and looked after from the moment they got in touch with you.

Making your life as easy as possible from the backend administration will help you to love inviting and interviewing guests even more. And all thanks to a solid podcast guest management process.

I am here to offer you two simple packages to suit your needs. Simplicity is one of my key values in life overall, which means I don’t believe in having too many systems or processes set up that can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Check them out and see which one you feel you need the most right now and organise a coffee chat with me to see how I can support you, fellow podcast host, on your journey to having more guests on your show with less of the backend stress and worry.

Select the Package that suits your needs best right now

Soundboard Solutions

Optimizing Your Podcast Workflow

This is a 1-hour one-off session.

Who is it for?
Entrepreneurs who are interested in having their own podcast or ‘newbie’ hosts who wonder what backend workflow they need to have in place to be as organised as possible to with their own show.

This is a chance for you to do a ‘brain dump’ with me if you have many ideas and questions floating around in your head, and bounce ideas of each other to ensure the admin set up of your podcast is as smooth as butter.

After our call I will collate everything we talked about in one document, including action points so you can use it to guide you with your next steps.

Price: AUD150 (one off payment)

Ideas on what we can talk about during this 1-hour call:

  • How to store the podcast files
  • How to set up the filing system
  • Available tools and apps that can assist with the improvement of overall workflow 
  • Guest processes & management
  • Outsourcing of specific parts
  • The floor is yours to share and talk about what bugs and or confuses you right now.


Included in this package is:

  • 1 x 1 hour zoom session (recorded and copy will be provided)
  • After session Soundboard Solution Workflow suggested action plan

Let's get Groovy!

Are you new to welcoming guests to your podcast? Or have had several guests on your show already but realise that the managing side of it isn’t as you would like it to be?

Then my ‘Let’s get groovy’ package is what you need!

As a one off package I help you gain clarity of where you currently are with your backend processes, what you would like to have in place, and help you set up the needed software and templates.

Price: AUD550 (one off payment)

Included in this package is:

  • 3 x 1 hour zoom calls: First one at the start so we can together gain an overview of your needs. The second to check in and tweak if and where needed and a final & third call to smooth things out and hand it over to you.
  • Set up of all needed tools and apps from receiving pitch to booking and follow up sequences: Questionnaires, CRM, booking link to email templates, task & project management software (Asana preferred). Whatever you need set up to get the guest management started – I will ensure it is done!
  • During this time, I am also available via Messenger / Slack / Email so we can communicate and keep this party going.

Keep the music Playing!

This package is designed for podcast hosts who are ready to ask for ongoing support looking after their show’s guests to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience for everyone involved.

You realise how you currently run this part of your podcast isn’t working anymore because you are getting busier and want to focus on the interviewing process of your guests without the backend admin that is attached to it.

As I stated in my ‘Let’s get groovy’ package – the foundations need to be there so someone can support you with this.

Minimum commitment is 3 months. This allows us both to settle in and iron out any creases with regards to workflow, etc.

Price: AUD750 per month

Hence this is what the ‘Keep the music playing’ package includes:

  • Monthly 30 minutes to 1 hour zoom call to go over current process and provide feedback for improvement
  • Messenger / Slack channel or Asana project management software for easier communication
  • Answer lead/guest inquiries (email with general information, booking link, questionnaire)
  • Booking of guests (booking link, questionnaire)
  • CRM tracking of guests and or leads
  • Upload to your website and or podcast hosting platform
  • Update processes/system if and where needed

Let me be your biggest fan!

You know me as Birgit or B, the creator of ‘Living on the B Side’ Podcast and blog that centres around incredible human stories connected with music.

I am also an experienced entrepreneur that has supported others with their backend admin and tech since 2014 (many would call me a Virtual Assistant).

I have worked in three countries on two continents, from small to corporates businesses and in many different areas (accounting, import/export, customer service, IT to name a few) and lived in Zurich/Switzerland, London & Manchester/UK to now enjoying the Aussie lifestyle in Melbourne.

As an INFP-T (introvert) I love connecting and listening to others in a more intimate setting, am open-minded and supportive when it comes to other people’s dreams and goals. Which means once I am on your team, I will be the quiet cheerleader for you and your business! 

I invite you to have a look at my Podcast interviews, where you can get a glimpse of my excitement and support of my guests and audience. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or are interested to organise a chilled coffee chat to see how we can work together. 

Keep on dancing & rocking,


Disclaimer: These packages and any services relating to these and this page will be provided by ‘The Business Support Factory’ (ABN 18 386 213 312). Agreements for working together will be set up under this business.