Music is an incredible resource. Whether you are actually singing, listening to a song or bringing to mind the experience or sounds that bring up a sense of safety, calm, joy, or stillness in your body is powerful and if this resonates, I encourage you to experiment with it and see if you can discover what feels good for you too.

Not in a very long time has a song hit me in my soul and heart as much as this song, ‘Wild Flower’ by RM of BTS. It has taken me a couple of months to be able to finally put pen to paper and write about this song.

There’s something really powerful about live music. A live environment creates an emotional intensity and a powerful sense of shared experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Finding ‘your’ band or musician(s) that allows you to connect with yourself (again) and the way they hold a mirror in front of you, so you can see yourself in a new light and discover parts of yourself that you lost or forgotten about is super special.