There is something so thrilling for me not knowing what will be played next, whether it is on the radio or from a play list. It reminds me how I felt when I was a kid dancing around Mum’s kitchen and discovering the magic of music for the first time.

Inspired by my podcast interview with Bonnie Hardie, who is currently homeless but not powerless, and her courage and strength to constantly show up, no matter what is going on in her world, has got me thinking; am I being ignorant or oversensitive when it comes to these issues?!

Have you ever heard a random tune playing somewhere that simply defines exactly how you are feeling? Or noticed words in a song that seemed to reflect perfectly what you were thinking in that moment? Or thought of someone close to you and a song you associate with them starts playing on a device in your hearing range?

My first ever CD that I received was Bon Jovi’s ‘New Jersey’. And it is a moment I will not forget, as it signalled a new era not just for me as a music lover but also HOW I would listen to music.