Latin American Studies Lecturer & a Culture Advocate

This is a vibrant episode full of laughter and cultural insights in a musical way!

Kim is with me today to share her take on how much can be used as an ice breaker to get to know each other and our cultures better.

I loved how she shares with us her view on immigration, the possible issues arising of it and then ideas on using music to bridge the possible language problems.

It’s a fun and serious chat that if you love languages, different cultures and the relevant music, well, you can’t miss it!

During out time together we chatted about:

  • Who she is & what she does with ‘Over the Andes’
  • Her vision for her business
  • Little bit of background on Latin Music and artists that became very popular overseas
  • Why you should be kind to yourself on your language journey
  • Conversation starter tips when trying to talk in a different language
  • Her favourite song and the story connected with it
  • The song that describes her business right now


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Kim is a Lecturer in Latin American Studies and basic Spanish by trade and a culture advocate by passion. Her mission is to empower the culturally inquisitive beginner Spanish language learner. 

She believes that cultural empathy will heal the world and that if we all had more cultural empathy and more understanding of where one another is coming from, if we could just kind of see beyond how we feel about something and understand why somebody feels a different way, then that alone would go a long way into healing all of these risks and all of this pain and all of this suffering and all of this divisions in our world.

She lives in Trinidad and Tobago with her husband. Their three sons have no clue she’s been secretly teaching them Spanish through music! 


5 Day free challenge:

Kim is running a 5 day language challenge ‘Loving Your Spanish’, starting 2 August 2021, the ultimate challenge experience taking beginner Spanish learners from intimidated to loving and excited to use the language! For 20USD to get access to Kim and the challenge. More details and how to sign up can be found via this link:



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