A unique and refreshing podcast!

I am an author that has been on dozens of podcasts. I was invited into a conversation with B as a potential guest and so I listened to this show. This show is refreshing. The music angle and the host’s perspective on life and music are inspiring and enlightening.

This is a great podcast to listen to.

Colourful gig with a lit stage and festive crowd.

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23 March 2022


Birigit, having listened to your podcast and being on it, you most certainly are a leader and provide a unique experience for music lovers or anyone who feels moved by music.


Thank you Birgit for having me on your awesome podcast Living on the Bside. I LOVED our discussion around music and the POWER of music!!

If you are a music fan, check out my episode (link below). This podcast shares what music can bring, how it can change a person’s life, be of support and be our constant companion when working on our life goals.

I shared my music journey and how I have created a purpose-driven business through music and advocacy.

Thank you again Birgit!!


Birgit & Casey this was amazing. I have just finished watching and so enjoyed it. I was smiling and nodding along in agreement with so much you were both saying. Birgit so in awe of your talent to do these podcasts. I’ve just subscribed so I can watch more.

On a personal level I use music to block out the world & focus on tasks and can’t exercise without it. I’m on holidays at the moment and doing walks along the beach each morning and usually would have the headphones in, but can’t do it on those walks. I’m finding listening to the waves is my music and anything else would take me from the moment.

Keep up the amazing podcasts!!


Be sure and check Birgit’s podcast out… she shares with us such interesting ways of looking at how much music impacts our lives!


5 Stars!

 It was an experience to connect with this show! I absolutely recommend, the host is very passionate, kind and a pleasure to talk to!

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Willow J