Do want to speak up more and express yourself, but haven’t found your voice (yet)? Or you lack the self-confidence to fully step into your own voice and self-expression?! If you answered yes, then come join Elisa and me for this episode where we share, explore and discuss all around learning to free your voice and the benefits this will have for you and your life.

Have you ever heard of a Voice Confidence Coach?! No?! Well, you are about to find out all about it as I have invited Rachel Goth to the microphone, where she explains what this is all about. And as you can guess, it has to do with finding confidence in using your own voice.

Has a song every had such a profound impact on your life that it made you change your name? This is a first for me to hear about such a deep and life changing moment induced by a song, which Avery shares so beautifully during our chat. It actually left me a little speechless!

Inner Dance is a really magical practice, which allows you to experience a beautiful expansion of yourself. But what is a this ‘inner dance’? How does this process work and why should we do it?