Ben’s story is one that starts off with what many of us experience when growing up – not exactly fitting in, finding his own community and then eventually entering the working world. However, his journey is one that provides encouragement and excitement as it showcases that we all can create a (working) life if we allow ourselves to follow our passion.

Zia Hassan is a life coach who helps people in career transitions. He is also a musician who has been writing and recording his own music for the last 30 years. This in turn has helped him make sense of the world through the different genres and artists.

Bonnie is a coach and force to be reckoned with. Her positive and uplifting attitude and mindset, her willingness to support others shines through every minute of our chat. So, you wouldn’t think or believe she is currently homeless, right?!

Do believe that one song can truly support you on your mental health journey? This episode will show you that it is possible and true.