Renée Gray is the Community Development Manager for Australian Start-up Six8. Six8 is a community that uses technology to bring music lovers together with music makers to create live music experiences.

Rachelle Babler grew up in Southern California near the sunny beaches of San Diego and has always been an avid traveller, musician, advocate and creative soul.

Benjamin Yeh is a Business and Transformation Coach. Combining his investment experience and intuitive gift, Ben empowers entrepreneurs on how to gain clarity in discovering their 'True North', start thriving in their business, and live the life they are meant to create!

Emma G has been using the power of music to empower, inspire, and motivate audiences worldwide her entire life. Born with a rare neurological condition called hydrocephalus, Emma G has used the power of music and song writing to recover from multiple traumas, including ten brain surgeries, by writing and singing her truth, sharing her experiences, and turning her lessons into blessings.