Women's Health advocate and educator

In this episode I speak to Shawna Smith, women’s health advocate and educator. In it she shares her journey on how she has come to include music in her business to support women to find freedom inside and out and also shares some ideas and tips on how we can all start to tune into ourselves – yes, you guessed it – by using music.

Plus, what song(s) she turns to when she needs a ‘lift me up’ and help her feel stronger and confident in her mission and vision.

Tune in and press ‘play’ now to find out more.

During out time together we chatted about:

  • What got her to this current point in her life, and why music helps her to be a better person all around
  • When & where she first experienced music
  • How music can help us reset our body
  • Every organ has a frequency & notes
  • How music therapy started
  • How different cultures use different instruments
  • Why music is a tool to help us come together and create empathy
  • How to use music to help us get healthier and happier as well as deal with other emotions
  • Her favourite song and why


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Shawna is a visionary, mom of 5 who is a women’s health advocate and educator.

She helps busy women find relief from menstrual pain and balance in their daily lives. Music is one tool she is using to detect where in our bodies we might hold some tension or discomfort, which then leads us to feeling out of balance overall. But don’t take my word for it, listen how Shawna has explored and evolved this idea of using this tool to support women on their journey!

Shawna is passionate about creating a world where women can trust their intuition about their individual health journey. She loves animals of all kinds, movie marathons, and pictures of the beach…but not necessarily being at the beach.


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