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SEASON 2 | EPISODE 46 | 19 August 2022

Benefits of using music to help with emotional eating

On today’s episode I chat to Niki Sibera, a Food Freedom Architect and founder of Happy Hearted Eating.

Niki is a wonderfully calm and centred lady, who had her fair share of trauma to work through, which she did amazingly well. Now she is passionate about using all she has experienced, lived through both in her private life as well as through her work in the health care sector, to support and empower other women to NOT use food as a mask for what really is going on – or as Niki says, ‘listen to the whispers from the pantry and the fridge’.

This is a great conversation around food, healing through music and of course we cover which artists have helped her along the way to process all that had been going on in her life.



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As a young 52-year-old woman, she is pivoting from a 6-figure corporate career in health care leadership, using the heart healing work she has done over 30 years to transform her traumatic childhood experiences, into being a fierce guide and mentor for women who are ready for Happy Hearted Eating

Now she is on a mission to walk alongside women to stop finding herself holding open the door of the fridge or cupboard, feeling miserable because she can’t seem to help herself. Thinking she’s all alone, that she’s a total failure and wondering why the hell she can’t seem to pull herself together. In the work that we do together, we explore what’s behind the eating, to see how her own trauma monster has taken over her heart and taken over how she copes. He has learned to be compassionate with her trauma monster and would like to show other women how to do that too so that the cupboard and fridge doors stay closed while the heart opens wide and we get to Happy Hearted Eating! We can’t diet our way out of ‘stress eating’. So rather than focus on what you are eating, together we focus on what’s eating you.

She leads with her heart so she can make sure the people around her know that she cares deeply, including her clients. She asks heart-focused questions so the heart can shine through – and then she gives a hug after. She helps others grow by creating a safe place – even people in the grocery store line up end up telling her incredibly personal things. They know they are safe with her and that she sees the beautiful person they are, even when they feel fucked up. She has a magical way of seeing right into people’s hearts. People feel seen, heard and understood when they are around Niki.

She wants all women to feel free – to learn how to tame the whispers from the fridge. To not feel alone and desperate. To not feel ashamed anymore. Learn to flip that switch and feel so sparkly on the inside that you shine!! Let’s all get our Happy Hearting Eating on!!



  • What made her walk away from her corporate job
  • What traumas she experience in the past and what music supported her in her healing journey
  • Why music is medicine in her eyes
  • Why businesses should integrate music much, much more in their every day work life
  • Her final words before we wrap up the episode

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