As a newbie ARMY, diving into the world of BTS has been an exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions so far. Becoming a fan about 12 months ago means that I hadn’t yet been to a live concert, hence the chance to experience SUGA aka Agust D aka Mini Yoon-gi’s cinema concert felt like the next best thing—a front-row seat to the magic on the big screen! And it was that time on 13th April 2024!

Now picture this: the lights dimmed, the theatre buzzing with excitement, and there I was, battling a nasty head cold that turned my voice into a croak. But even as my throat protested, I couldn’t contain the goosebumps that prickled my skin as SUGA appeared on the screen, ready to steal the show.

Having watched both SUGA and J-Hope’s documentaries last year, I knew it would be a great time. I couldn’t wait to experience the thrill of seeing and hearing highlights of his tour right here, right now on the big screen.

I wasn’t let down. It was a feast of songs that let me almost headbang my frustrations out, tap my feet to the rhythm and dig into the emotions during the slower songs. SUGA played all the big songs – from Haegeum to Daechwita, People Pt. 2 (featuring IU) to Snooze(feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto & WOOSUNG) and more! It really was so good to see, feel and experience it all.  

There were even special appearances by other BTS members Jung Kook, Jimin and RM! Almost a mini BTS concerts, although it wasn’t the full line up (we missed you Jin and J-Hope!). Goose bumps and trying to scream in excitement (my voice by that point was totally gone!) felt like I was at a real concert. It did help to hear other ARMY do the same, such a great vibe in a cinema setting!

For just under 90 minutes we were able to dive into his world, his music, his expression and his art. What a privilege. What a beautiful moment that seemed to have stopped time, at least for a little while. 

One of the highlights for me was to hear his song ‘D-Day’.

This song, from the moment I first heard it was and is an anthem of not giving up on life, to learn from the past, experience the present fully and not worry so much about the future. Since I am not fluent in Korean, far from it (hello total beginner!), I had to use a translation to read the lyrics. Phew! Damn, he hit the spot again!

“D-Day’s coming, it’s a fucking good day

It’s like walking through a maze for this day

Maybe the stupid past is over now

Let’s toast again to us who will be reborn

In a world full of hate

Hatе is even more unnеcessary

Lotus flowers bloom brilliantly even in mud

A feeling of inferiority, self-loathing compared to others

Aim your gun at these things starting today

What are you? Break the limits, man

Don’t regret the past, don’t be afraid of the future, man

I hope you can avoid getting hit and hurt enough, yeah

I’m trying figure out what’s wrong

Don’t grow a scars, yeah”

These days I do worry about the future as well as the present. So much seems to have gone wrong, is a struggle or a grey cloud hanging over me. I seem to have lost my joy and happiness a long time ago. I am by no means a negative or whingy person, always trying to look at it all in a positive light yet for a long while now life has hit me hard for many reasons and from different angles. Whilst nothing is life threatening and I understand others have harder or more serious things going on, I do feel tired – of life, of the struggle and disappointments.

Hearing these lines below form the song, it helps to calm me down and look for strength inside myself:

“Future’s gonna be okay 

Okay, okay, look at the mirror and I see no pain

I’d die for real ’til the D-Day

But it’s gonna be okay”

Like a mantra I can say/sing to myself every time I catch myself worrying or slipping in a negative mindset.

It feels as if Suga is reminding us that the important thing is to live life our own way, with all its emotions that come with it, because D-Day (I am guessing our passing from this life) is coming and it will be a waste if we don’t try to live it as best as we can, under any circumstances.

What did this experience reaffirm for me?

Artists, especially the music ones for me, are so needed. They are the lighthouses we need in times of storms, the sunshine and warmth during happy times and a mirror during times of self-discovery and growth.

Musicians such as Suga are a voice for so many of us who struggle to put into words what is going on inside of us by sharing his own experiences through sound and lyrics.

I do wish everyone can find an artist or artists that can do what Suga did that day for me: escape the world for a little while but also give strength and encouragement to go on and not waste my life away…