Guest Post Submission Guidelines


Music is healing. Music connects us to ourselves and others in ways nothing else can.

Everyone has music related stories to share – this can be how one concert has affected you in ways you never imagined, that one song that helped you through a tough night or when/how music made all the difference on your life journey. There are so many moments when music impacts us, big and small!

Would you like to share your own personal music related story with my Community?

If you have a great personal story connected with music to share with my audience that showcases the power of music, then I want to hear from you! I suggest you browse through the website, especially the blog section, to see what others have shared so far ( )

Heads up:  I don’t pay for guest posts (promotion). I also don’t offer ‘follow back links’ and the like. I am after genuine, honest and impactful experiences that include music – hence why I am not interested in paying you for what you write, back-links or getting a one off backlink. This is not what Living on the B Side is all about.

I highly recommend reading our guidelines below to ensure that you have the best chance of your guest post being accepted and published.


What Am I Looking For?

Life experiences, personal and honest stories with reflection(s) on how music has impacted, helped and supported you on this journey we call life.

Posts released on my website are inspirational, motivational and overall on the positive side and as personal as you feel you want to go. I want to help our audience feel encouraged and wanting to include music in their lives more.

Article Guidelines

Ensure your blog post is between 800 and 1200 words long (anything over 1500 words won’t be reviewed). Be as clear and concise as possible as I want focus on the power of music and hence showcase that impact with the audience.

When it comes to formatting, don’t worry. Simply submit your article via the submission form on my website, this makes it easier at my end when processing it.

Short paragraphs make easier reading, something to keep in mind.

Please don’t provide images with your content, I will take care of that for you.

Add the relevant YouTube video link to your chosen song/band at the bottom of your post.

What I Am Not Looking For

Individuality and originality is what my readers want and so do I. This means I am not after already published content – from your own blog or any other social media platform (including LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). Your post has to be an original, which has never been published online before.

My preferred way is via the submission form on my website. This is the easiest and quickest way for me to have it reviewed.

Link Policy

Placing external links from outside websites within the body of your post is not allowed. I also don’t allow advertising/promotion or mention of a company, entrepreneur, product or service, including apps/tools. The main focus is to provide our readers with personal stories, not for us to promote you or the writer of the article. If there are any links in your article, I will remove them.

You are allowed two links of your choice, which will go into your Author Bio. This can be a link to your website and your eBook/Freebie. Or it can be a link to your website and one social media page, that is totally up to. Choose two links that are the most important to you and add them in the relevant box in the submission form.

Ready to submit your guest post? Here’s how to go about it:

Submit a completed final draft via this link:

Author Bio: Please keep it short and to the point within a short paragraph (approx. 150 words). You can add two links of your choice in your bio (see also Link Policy above).

Guest Post title: Try to write a unique working title, this can include the song title of your choice. If you are after some inspiration, see our blog section for inspiration:

Thank you for spending some time reading through my guidelines. I am so grateful that you are interested in having your story shared on my website. I am excited to receive, review and publish your music related story!