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SEASON 4 | EPISODE 80 | 04 MARCH 2024

How one song has reignited my passion for Living on the B side

I have picked the song ‘Evacuate the dancefloor’ as the theme song for this episode because it appeared to me at a time when I needed a spark, something to remind me of the reasons why I created Living on the B Side.

Listening to the lyrics and hearing ‘Evacuate the dancefloor’ has given me enthusiasm, passion and determination to continue to spread the word about the power of music, how it can be part of the medicine we need to keep well and healthy. Plus, I share what type of ripple effect I want to create through it all.

Whilst all is not roses and sunshine, having this medicine in my life allows me to find balance and strength to carry one. But press ‘play’ to hear me explain more about choosing this song and what’s been happening in my life and where I need your support.

Join me in this episode where I share all the above and a little more on the how and why this song has helped me re-centre myself.

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At the age of 17 I went to The University of New York at Morrisville where I studied musical Instrument repair. With diploma in hand, I applied for work but found that no music store wanted to hire me. So, I opened my own shop “Cole’s Woodwind and Brass” Soon after I married my high school sweetheart Mary Alice. through many serendipitous twists and turns, we raised our family with our little music shop. Today, after 45 years of working on horns, I reflect back with great appreciation for a life that has given so much. In an effort to give back I travelled to the impoverished nation of Haiti in 2016 to teach instrument repair. After returning several times, I founded Horns for Haiti Inc. in 2020, an organization that teaches band instrument repair and how to start your own music business. To date, we’ve trained dozens of musicians and music teachers how to repair and started two businesses. Billy Shop D’Haiti, Musical Instrument Repair and the Haitian Music Supply Company.

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During this episode I chat about:
  • How a longer than expected break from podcasting was a blessing in disguise
  • Why this song has reignited my passion for Living on the B Side
  • How this song helped find a missing piece of my puzzle
  • Why sometimes we can be on ‘struggle street’ yet still work towards better times



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