Singing is life

Music is an incredible resource. Whether you are actually singing, listening to a song or bringing to mind the experience or sounds that bring up a sense of safety, calm, joy, or stillness in your body is powerful and if this resonates, I encourage you to experiment with it and see if you can discover what feels good for you too.

Quiet Rebellion Global Conference 

I was invited by Casey Lightbody to be a client guest speaker during ‘The Quiet Rebellion Global Conference 2023‘. This was a 4-Day Virtual Experience that will bring you right into the heart of the evolution you’ve been wishing for.

The Power of Heavy

There’s something really powerful about live music.
A live environment creates an emotional intensity and a powerful sense of shared experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

The power of a musician’s fanbase

Finding ‘your’ band or musician(s) that allows you to connect with yourself (again) and the way they hold a mirror in front of you, so you can see yourself in a new light and discover parts of yourself that you lost or forgotten about is super special.

Keep me guessing

There is something so thrilling for me not knowing what will be played next, whether it is on the radio or from a play list.
It reminds me how I felt when I was a kid dancing around Mum’s kitchen and discovering the magic of music for the first time.

Coincidence or your soul singing?

Have you ever heard a random tune playing somewhere that simply defines exactly how you are feeling? Or noticed words in a song that seemed to reflect perfectly what you were thinking in that moment? Or thought of someone close to you and a song you associate with them starts playing on a device in your hearing range?

Laying my hands on that first CD

My first ever CD that I received was Bon Jovi’s ‘New Jersey’. And it is a moment I will not forget, as it signalled a new era not just for me as a music lover but also HOW I would listen to music.