Episode 47 – An Interview with Niki Siberia

On today’s episode I chat to Niki Sibera, a Food Freedom Architect and founder of Happy Hearted Eating. Niki is a wonderfully calm and centred lady, who had her fair share of trauma to work through, which she did amazingly well.

Episode 44 – Birthday episode ‘You are the voice’ by John Farnham

IS IT HEALTHY TO ‘TURN BACK TIME’ AND REVISIT CERTAIN MOMENTS IN OUR LIFE? Do you remember the song ‘Turn back time’ by Aqua? It is the title song for the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ with Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie centres around one woman, played by Gwyneth, and two storylines, showing two paths her life could […]

Episode 43 – An Interview with Erika Michalski

Dr. Erika Michalski has a robust history of providing enthusiastic keynotes and engaging workshops dedicated to empowering participants and cultivating new ideas about professional development.

Episode 42 – An Interview with Renee Gray

Renée Gray is the Community Development Manager for Australian Start-up Six8. Six8 is a community that uses technology to bring music lovers together with music makers to create live music experiences.