Epi 89 – Interview with Kristi Jacques

In this episode of The Living on the B Side podcast, musician Kristie Jaques shares her inspiring story of living with chronic lung illness while pursuing her passion for songwriting and performing.

Epi 88 – Interview with Willow from Sound Grove

On this episode of The Living on the B Side podcast, I interview Willow, an immersive sound experience producer and dedicated sound healing practitioner. Willow shares her profound 10-year journey of self-discovery that led her to this work.

Epi 87 – Interview with Matt Young

This time on the podcast, I sit down for a conversation with Australian comedian Matt Young about the connection between his passions for music and comedy.

Epi 85 – Interview with Alex Berg

In this episode, indie musician Alex B joins me to discuss her creative process on her upcoming EP, and the role of music in self-expression

Epi 84 – Unpretty: The Power of Embracing Yourself

Today, I explore the timeless message of TLC’s “Unpretty.” Reflecting on my own struggles with self-image, I delve into the societal pressures women face and the quest for self-acceptance in today’s image-driven culture.

Epi 82 – Interview with Heather Hill

Heather and I chat about the legacy music can leave within a family and beyond.
Whilst this episode starts of talking about grief, it becomes a beautiful tribute to the amazing power music can have on families and beyond – with both sides of our emotions touches; grief and joy!