Epi 77 – From Wanderlust to Soundwaves: Nastiya Kai’s Journey of Reinvention

Join us as Nastiya Kai opens up about the courage it took to step into the world of music professionally. Learn about how the pursuit of music became a beacon of purpose and expression amidst the tumultuous chapters of her life.

This episode is a testament to resilience, reinvention, and the pursuit of one’s true calling. Nastiya Kai’s journey from fashion design to the world of music is a symphony of self-discovery, courage, and unapologetic reinvention. Don’t miss this captivating exploration of a life lived on the fringes, where chaos paved the way for creative rebirth.

Epi 73 – Empowering Marginalized Artists Through Healing and Visibility

Sista Creatives Rising

In this episode of Living on the B Side, I shine a spotlight on a remarkable grassroots project making waves in the world of art and creativity: Sista Creatives Rising. Join us as we explore their mission to empower marginalized women and gender-diverse individuals, offering them a platform for personal healing and artistic visibility.

EPI 71 -How to become more intuitive with the help of music, with Peta-Ann Wood

Do you know how music is part of being clairaudient?

I did not until I met Peta-Ann and her deep ability to see and feel music on a completely different level. She is a woman that approaches life from an angle of acceptance, love and inclusivity and in a way that is elegant but also rebellious. She is the definition of ‘Elegant Rebel’ and it is also her mission to make each and every one of us understand that we too are unique and need to share this with the world, without apology.

Epi 69 – K-pop Band BTS: Aussie Army’s perspective on loving yourself

We hear it a lot these days that ‘loving yourself’ is the first step to a happy and fulfilling life. Putting that into action and practise can be hard though. This is where inspiration and support can truly make a difference.

Enter BTS (with a super funky, sharp and colourful choreo & vocals)!

Epi 68 – Moving through a dark time and emotional numbness

Emotional numbness can strike anyone in their life. Especially when we navigate tricky and hard times, which take a lot out of us.
In this episode I am trying to share my personal thoughts around the first few months of 2023, how I shut down emotionally because life was too overwhelming for me.