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Sistas Creative Rising

SEASON 3 | EPISODE 73 | 6 Oct 2023

Sista Creatives Rising

Empowering Marginalized Artists Through Healing and Visibility

In this episode of Living on the B Side, I shine a spotlight on a remarkable grassroots project making waves in the world of art and creativity: Sista Creatives Rising. Join us as we explore their mission to empower marginalized women and gender-diverse individuals, offering them a platform for personal healing and artistic visibility.

Sista Creatives Rising is a force for change, breaking down barriers that historically marginalized individuals in the arts have. I sit down with the dynamic leaders, Amaranthia Sepia and Claire Jones, behind this movement to discuss the transformative power of creativity and the importance of their work in this space with them both sharing where it all started and how they ended up creating their project – from the music angle, of course.

But Sista Creatives Rising isn’t just about creating beautiful art; it’s about fostering a space where personal healing can take place. As our guests explain, the act of artistic expression can be a cathartic and transformative experience. Learn how this organization provides a nurturing environment for marginalized artists to explore their own identities and experiences, leading to profound healing and growth.

Throughout this episode, we also hear about the ‘Art & Mind’ events that Sista Creatives Rising has initiated to increase accessibility and visibility in the arts for creative women and marginalized genders.

Throughout this episode, we also hear about the grassroots charitable art event and virtual gallery art show, “Art & Mind,” which supports creative marginalized women and marginalized genders to share their journeys. This event uses short films, documentaries, entrepreneur features, and speaking engagements from professionals such as therapists and activists to raise awareness about social issues these creatives face.

Join us as we dive deep into their own inspiring stories and by the end of this episode, you’ll be moved by the incredible work Sista Creatives Rising is doing and inspired to support their mission of empowerment and healing through the arts.

Tune in and be a part of the conversation as we explore the profound impact of creativity and inclusivity with Sista Creatives Rising. It’s a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment that you won’t want to miss.


Amaranthia Sepia and Claire Jones

Amaranthia Sepia is a Black invisibly-disabled coordinator, creative, and activist who is the co-founder of Sista Creatives Rising and “Art & Mind,” a virtual event showcasing creative folks who are underrepresented women and marginalized genders.

Claire Jones is a Black invisibly-disabled DV and cancer survivor, creative, Buddhist and Frances Perkins Scholar who is the co-founder of Sista Creatives Rising and “Art & Mind,” a virtual event showcasing underrepresented women and marginalized genders.

See their Black And Still Covid-ing page to learn about our work around advocating for wearing masks to protect those who are disabled, immunocompromised, able but who want to stay safe, chronically ill:



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Amaranthia Sepia and Claire Jones & I DISCUSSED

  • The power of music and its impact on personal healing and visibility in the arts.
  • their virtual art show focused on disability accessibility, featuring short films and speakers discussing social issues related to the theme
  • about the importance of music in their lives, particularly during their journey as a woman of colour and feminist, and how it has helped them self-advocate
  • Claire’s childhood exposure to music helped her cope with domestic violence and on how colonialism has affected their family’s dynamics, with intergenerational violence perpetuated by their father
  • Amaranthia’s journey to discover the artist in herself through video games, has been comforting in times of stress, connecting them to their experiences in Japan and inspiring their activism work
  • Claire’s experiences sudden paralysis, loses mobility for six days, her tumour diagnosis and her incredible recovery journey
  • They both share songs that describes their current lives, why and how

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