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SEASON 3 | EPISODE 74 | 23 Oct 2023

These Dreams: An Introvert's Anthem of Hope and Inspiration

In this episode we embark on a musical journey back to the late 1980s when a song had the power to touch our hearts, stir our spirits, and inspire our dreams. Join me as I delve deep into the enchanting melody and lyrics of “These Dreams” by Heart.

From the moment the first notes of “These Dreams” filled the airwaves, it was clear that this song was something truly special. The hauntingly beautiful voice and music pulled me in it struck a chord deep within. When reflecting on my early teenage years I share a personal connection to the song that continues to resonate through the decades.

As the years passed, it became evident that “These Dreams” was more than just a tune; it was an anthem for introverts and dreamers, like myself. The song encapsulated the power of dreams, the essence of hope, and the inspiration that can drive us forward. It serves as a comforting reminder that it’s okay to be introspective, to dream, and to find strength in quiet moments.
In this episode, I try to unpack the layers of meaning within the lyrics, exploring how “These Dreams” has been a constant source of encouragement and lifting my spirits. The song’s timeless message still holds the power to ignite a sense of purpose, especially when the world becomes overwhelming.

My hope is that, through this discussion, you too will come to love and appreciate “These Dreams” as much as I do. Let it become part of your soundtrack to your moments of reflection, inspiration, and determination. If you find yourself in need of a lift to keep pursuing your dreams, this episode is the dose of motivation and inspiration you’ve been waiting for.



At the age of 17 I went to The University of New York at Morrisville where I studied musical Instrument repair. With diploma in hand, I applied for work but found that no music store wanted to hire me. So, I opened my own shop “Cole’s Woodwind and Brass” Soon after I married my high school sweetheart Mary Alice. through many serendipitous twists and turns, we raised our family with our little music shop. Today, after 45 years of working on horns, I reflect back with great appreciation for a life that has given so much. In an effort to give back I travelled to the impoverished nation of Haiti in 2016 to teach instrument repair. After returning several times, I founded Horns for Haiti Inc. in 2020, an organization that teaches band instrument repair and how to start your own music business. To date, we’ve trained dozens of musicians and music teachers how to repair and started two businesses. Billy Shop D’Haiti, Musical Instrument Repair and the Haitian Music Supply Company.

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During this episode I chat about:

Embarrassment and Self-Awareness
– I discuss the issue of holding on too tight on something that doesn’t go the way we want or think it should, which can lead to disappointment and emotions.
– I mention the song “Hold on” by Wilson Phillips as a reminder to hold on one more day and not let life drag you down.
– I also mention that some people feel like they are losing grip on reality, outcomes, goals, and themselves.

Go After Your Dreams Anthem
– I chat about the meaning of the song “These Dreams” and share my personal interpretation of it.
– I explain that the song is an anthem for all dreamers and those who dare to dream big.
How the lyrics describe an elusive feeling of hope and aspiration, while the song itself expresses the same thing.
– I also share my own experience with vivid dreams and how the song helps me understand myself better.


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