An Interview With

Aideen Ni Riada

SEASON 3 | EPISODE 60 | 13 March 2023

How to unlock the mental and emotional blocks to being seen and heard so that you can speak up

Aideen is not your usual voice coach – she approaches her passion from several different angles, all of which will bring out the best in you and your voice!

She loves nothing more than to be the guide for rediscovering the love you have for your own voice!

Aideen does have an incredible background that gives her all the tools to work with others, and you can find out much more about her, her journey and her passion for what she does in this intimate and powerful chat.


Aideen Ni Riada

Aideen is an Intuitive Voice Coach, Mentor and Singer. She unlocks the mental and emotional blocks to being seen and heard so that you can speak up, Sing OUT and step forward in life with renewed faith in yourself.

She blends her knowledge of psychology, spirituality and voice training to uncover the hidden treasure within your unique voice.

Aideen can help you to sing & live joyfully by transforming your self-doubt into self-confidence!

Aideen studied Psychology in University College Dublin which has helped her to develop a teaching and mentoring style that helps students become more confident and overcome self-limiting beliefs. She has a diverse range of singing education and experience, from classical and jazz singing to speech level singing and the Estill Voice Training method. She has also been awarded a Diploma in Popular Vocal Music Teaching from London College of Music.



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  • What a singer REALLY is (and it’s not what you think!)
  • The benefits of singing for your overall wellbeing (physical and mental)
  • How to use our own voice better
  • Exercise access more flexibility & strength in the physiology of the voice
  • Aideen’s journey up to where she currently is in life
  • Music careers can be so many different things – dive in & find out
  • Benefits for children studying music
  • Why it’s never too late to enjoy music again & heal your (music) scars/disappointment from the past
  • Listen to your heart more (follow your heart when it comes to music, there is always a way)
  • Her favourite song & the why behind it
  • Eurovision song contents – then and now.
  • Meditation mantras & what that means to Aideen
  • Her take on the power of music
  • Music and the ability to provide us with a different perspective
  • The song that describes her life/business right now

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