An Interview With

Jenn Abbatiello

SEASON 3 | EPISODE 61 | 26 MARCH 2023

Listen to music to help strengthen your family bond

Music loving parents listen up – this episode is for you! I have invited Jenn Abbatiello to spill the beans on how to strengthen the bond between parent and child by using music.

From how music effects your child’s brain and hence emotions to incorporating music in our daily lives, Jenn shares her own experiences and tips on this topic.  Also, through working with many parents she believes that to parent with compassion, empathy, kindness and love it is up to us adults to learn to regulate our own emotions first.

Tune in and listen to a wonderfully insightful chat around parenting, emotions and how music definitely can help you with that.


Jenn Abbatiello

Outwardly my life looked idyllic; successful career, beautiful family but on the inside I was a mess. Desperate to stop my child’s tantrums. It wasn’t until I learned to shift my lens and look inwards that I was able to decode my own triggers. What message they were sending me. My child was a mirror showing me parts of myself that remained unhealed. When I healed those parts I was able to look at my child with a different lens of love and compassion and finally break the cycle.

I became more loving towards myself, my now 2 boys and my husband as well. I found more joy, confidence and calm in my parenting AND life.

This is why I am committed to helping other mom’s break cycles of guilt, anger and shame. Music is a part of that healing journey



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  • Why we adults have to learn to regulate our emotions (for our kids)
  • Who struggles more with emotions – mum or dad?
  • Tips for parents and how to integrate music with their parenting
  • Why it’s important to ensure both boys and girls are emotionally regulated and well
  • Her favourite song & band & some cool stories around that
  • What type of music her own kids listen to
  • How important music is in her home and how it helps with her parenting
  • Why we should expose children to all emotions and music that makes them feel it
  • Song that describes her life and or business right now
  • Final words (includes a FAB quote!)

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