Hi B Siders,

Avery has invited me to her podcast ‘The truth about burnout‘, during which we discussed the power of music, its healing effects, and its significance for introverted and sensitive individuals. 

The conversation dives into topics such as the challenges faced by introverts, and the importance of self-acceptance.

By exploring my personal experiences and my passion for music, the episode delves into the role music plays in processing emotions and providing comfort during difficult times. I share how music became my best friend, enabling me to express myself and navigate through the challenges of my introverted nature.

The episode also touches on the power of self-identification and understanding one’s own traits. I discuss how discovering my introverted nature later in life brought clarity and helped me to let go of feelings of loneliness, shyness, and insecurity. The conversation emphasizes that labels, although not definitive, can provide a framework for self-understanding and serve as a tool for personal growth.

Click on the image to listen to this episode and our conversation.

I hope you enjoy our discussion and I thank Avery again for the privilege of appearing on her podcast.