Helping introverted & sensitive people feel seen and heard

Talking to Tracy is not only a soothing experience due to her calm and quiet nature, but also allowed me to dig a little deeper into why introverts and music have this powerful connection.

She truly understands the introverted nature and our need to firstly understand ourselves and then how to show up in the world as authentically as possible. And this is where music can be such a great help to us.

Through sharing our own experiences growing up and then how Tracy built a successful business supporting others like herself and myself, this chat was chicken soup for the soul!

You don’t want to miss it, introvert or extrovert, it doesn’t matter because music touches us all in very similar ways.


During out time together we chatted about:

  • Her take on introversion & how she believes she can help
  • How important music is in her life
  • What her favourite song is and why
  • What her biggest takeaway is from this song
  • How being introverted and a teenager felt for her and how music has supported her through it
  • How she perceives and uses music as an adult introvert
  • How is she using music in her business, for herself and/or her clients?
  • What ‘hanging out with music’ means to us
  • The song the describes her life and or business and why


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tracy ann guillet

Tracy is a Clinical Social Worker in private practice, offering counselling to those who are more introverted and sensitive. As an introverted, sensitive person herself, she know how sometimes we feel misunderstood by others which can lead to feeling like we don’t really belong. Her passion is to help others like me see the great gifts that come with our quietness.


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